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Winter means...

Hitting the ice in style

Ice Fishing

For those seeking that winter adventure, MSFC offers plenty of Ice fishing options. Lake trout, rainbow trout, whitefish, walleye and perch are fished from various lakes and locations.

Portable heated huts, electronics and all gear provided.


Lake whitefish is excellent to eat. It has a sweet, light flavor that many who “don’t like fish” can appreciate. Its mildness suits a variety of dishes. Most fished by MFSC through the ice, this sporty and rewarding fish will challenge your ice fishing skills.


Walleyes excel in deep, cool, clear lakes and are partial to hard, rocky bottoms. A fish-fry favorite.

Lake Trout

Highly populated throughout Lake Huron, this fish is the largest of the char and can be found in deep cold-water lakes.


Found in warm/cool lakes, perch tend to inhabit shallow areas with structure. The white, flaky very tasty flesh makes yellow perch a very prominent addition to any meal.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout, also known as Steelheads, are known for their acrobatic jumps and are popular among anglers on Lake Huron.

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Prices vary for winter ice fishing trips. Please give us a call/email to discuss the species you are after!