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Spring & Fall means...

Trophy fishing

Spring - Ice out till late May

Fall - Mid-September till freeze up

Manitoulin and its surrounding pristine waters offer an amazing fishery. Our Spring and Fall seasons produce some incredible days on the water, whether it be ice out lake trout or fall walleye MSFC has opportunities for all anglers.


Walleye excel in deep, cool, clear lakes and are partial to hard, rocky bottoms. A fish-fry favorite.

Lake Trout

Highly populated throughout Lake Huron, this fish is the largest of the charrs and can be found in deep cold-water lakes.


Rainbow trout, also known as Steelheads, are known for their acrobatic jumps and are popular among anglers on Lake Huron.

Northern Pike

A cool-water species, pike has been known to be solitary and highly territorial. The Northern Pike often is overlooked as table fare, when filleted and carefully cleaned the flesh is white, flaky and bursting with flavors.


A large predatory fish, and a fish like no other are the largest of the game fish. Once hooked they put up an incredible battle.


Found in warm/cool lakes, perch tend to inhabit shallow areas with structure. The white, flaky very tasty flesh makes yellow perch a very prominent addition to any meal.

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